Chelsea Kate Isaacs

By Chelsea Kate Isaacs

If you haven’t been to the Adriatic Coast, for many, it is a life-changing experience. Croatia and its neighboring countries, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Italy and Albania, are known for breathtaking, dramatic scenery, ancient ruins and historic landmarks to explore, hike, bike, climb, or just stare wide-eyed at natural beauty reminiscent of a painting or postcard. But to actually experience it with all five senses is an entirely different story.

The Adriatic Coast is a destination for luxurious experiences, cultural exposure and adventure — for upscale clientele and families, as well as thrill seekers and athletes who crave extreme experiences (think swimming with dolphins in the Čiovo Channel, cliff jumping, paragliding in Albania, and deep water soloing on the cliffs off the coast of Split) If you want, you can do it all.

Whether you’re planning a luxury vacation or an unforgettable adventure, here are four awesome tours on the Adriatic Coast to consider for your next trip:

For Adventurers

Adriatic tours can be customized to your taste and risk comfort level: Paragliding over the Albanian Riviera, swimming in dolphin-filled lagoons in the Čiovo Channel and free climbing off the coast of Split.

1. The Journey for Athletes

Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia

Croatia & Slovenia Adventure The Journey for Athletes

Croatia & Slovenia Adventure The Journey for Athletes | Photo Credit: Adriatic Luxury Journeys

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his exciting tour was specifically designed for travelers, especially athletic types, who get a boost from testing their physical limits. The “Croatia & Slovenia Adventure” takes athletes across three countries, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia, on foot, bike, kayak, canoe, raft and zip line. [pullquote]About deep water soloing: “I have many friends who have tried it in Southeast Asia, but most people I know didn’t realize it’s available in the Adriatic as well. A boat takes you to a cliff off the coast of Split, and you’re free climb above the water without equipment. Much better than bouldering or the climbing gym! Another great thing about traveling in Croatia is the chance to meet really interesting locals.” – A past traveler told us [/pullquote] Climbing enthusiasts can appreciate a new destination for deep water soloing at the Kasjuni cliffs off Split, where they can scale the limestone walls several feet above emerald waters with only their skill and stamina to keep them from falling in. Daredevils can also cliff jump from up to 33 feet high. The tour also includes two days of cycling through Marjan Park Forest and Rovinj, sea kayaking through the Elaphite Islands and canoeing down the Trebizat river. The journey continues through Slovenia’s Pastojna caves and ends with the Julian Alps, where you’ll hike into the world of herdsmen and their rustic cottages.

Price: The 12-day journey starts at $4,595 per person based on a group of four.

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Dalmatia Adventure  The Journey for Culturists

Dalmatia Adventure The Journey for Culturists | Photo Credit: Adriatic Luxury Journeys

2. The Journey for Culturists

Dalmatia Adventure

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] tour as cultural as it is adrenaline-rising, Dalmatia Adventure starts on the coastal city of Split, where you’ll explore the cellars of Diocletian’s 1,700-year-old palace and wander through its open-air markets for a taste of freshly caught fish or artisan cheese. Throughout your journey, you’ll raft down the Cetina river, sail to Hvar, explore the famous Blue Cave, a natural wonder that becomes bathed in silvery light as the sun peeks, and snorkel through secluded lagoons where dolphins are known to gather. Your journey ends in Bosnia, where you’ll visit Old Bridge in Mostar before spending a final night in the lively city of Dubrovnik.

Price: The 9-day journey starts at $2,995 per person based on a group of four people traveling together.

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3. The Journey for Nature Lovers


Breathtaking Croatia- The Journey for Nature Lovers

Breathtaking Croatia- The Journey for Nature Lovers | Photo Credit: Adriatic Luxury Journeys

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o you marvel at natural beauty? This is an adventure for anyone who has ever dreamt of jumping through waterfalls into emerald waters, exploring underground caves, or river rafting amidst rocky canyons. Croatia’s natural environment encompasses all of those experiences and more, including tours of coastal Dubrovnik and cosmopolitan Zagreb. You’ll stroll through the other-worldly beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park, swim beneath the waterfalls of Krka National Park and sea kayak through the Paklinksi Islands. Along the way, you’ll taste oysters fresh from the sea, sample traditional Croatian specialties at the cafes known only to locals and meet local wine, cheese and prosciutto producers in open-air markets.

Price: The 12-day tour starts at $3,985 per person based on a group of four.

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4. A Historical Adventure


Gjirokaster, Albania

Gjirokaster, Albania | Photo Credit: Adriatic Luxury Journeys

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f Albania isn’t at the top of your bucket list, perhaps it should be. A land of history, culture, recreation and great beauty, Albania is full of adventure for all ages. Adriatic Luxury Journeys takes travelers through its most storied cities with a local experienced Tour Director, including the capital of Tirana, its largest city; Skhoder, a center of Roman Catholicism; the architecturally interesting Durres and the culturally rich Gjirokastra, among many others. Along the way, your guide will introduce you to natural wonders like Blue Eye Pool and the Beach and Canyon of Gjipea.

Price: The 9-day Albanian Adventure starts at $2,195 per person based on a group of four.

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For Luxury Travelers

Choose from hand-selected adventures that highlight the rich architecture and history of the region, explore ancient ruins and famous landmarks.

[pullquote]”One of the great things about traveling with Adriatic Luxury Journeys is Maria Kuchan’s personal connections to winemakers, vineyard owners, artisanal chocolate makers and restaurant owners, which makes the experience of traveling really personalized,” according to a past traveler.[/pullquote][dropcap]I[/dropcap]f high-end vacationing is your thing, there are specialized trips for luxury travelers to Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Italy and Albania. Adriatic Luxury Journeys, a bespoke tour operator, specializes in small-group and private-guided travel experiences to Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Italy and Albania. The company just launched enhanced tours for this summer. A typical trip includes:

  • Private guided tours
  • Typically includes luxury accommodations at top-rated hotels (all five-star unless unavailable in the region, and never below three-star)
  • Local gourmet dining
  • Adriatic Coast activities
  • A knowledgeable English-speaking chauffeur
  • Entrance fees to attractions
  • Local English-speaking guides licensed for their area of expertise and on most occasions, a Tour Director will oversee the entire experience

More About Adriatic Luxury Journeys: Adriatic Luxury Journeys is a boutique travel and tour operator offering bespoke small-group and private tours to Croatia and the neighboring countries of Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Italy and Albania. Founded by Croatian native Maria Kuchan to showcase the rich culture and history of her home country, Adriatic Luxury Journeys features authentic experiences made possible by personal connections and an intimate knowledge of the Adriatic Coast. With a presence in both the United States and Croatia, the company operates with a full-service approach catering to clientele who expect the highest level of luxury and extraordinary experiences. For more information on Adriatic Luxury Journeys and to browse all available tours, please visit: