MissTravel.com, a dating site for adventurous singles with a passion for travel and new experiences, just released its third annual list of “The World’s Sexiest Nationalities.”

110,000 single American men and women participated in the poll. MissTravel.com, which has more than 500,000 members in over 200 countries, connects users from all over the world for a first date in local or foreign destinations. To date, MissTravel has facilitated over 300,000 trips for adventurous online daters, according to company reps.

The rankings of the hottest nationalities are below:

Sexiest Nationalities for Women

Based on Dating Preferences of 44,873 American Men

Men were asked to rank the qualities that contributed to attractiveness when travel dating. “Body type” and “facial features” ranked the highest, coming in at 44 and 37 percent, respectively.

  1. Armenian – 5,971
  2. Barbadian/Bajan – 4,036
  3. American – 3,402
  4. Colombian – 2,741
  5. English – 2,006
  6. Australian – 1,040
  7. Brazilian – 992
  8. Filipina – 651
  9. Bulgarian – 429
  10. Lebanese – 323

Sexiest Nationalities for Men

Based on Dating Preferences of 66,309 American Women

Women love the sound of a foreign voice! When asked which male qualities influenced their decision, 49 percent responded with “accent.” Irish men were ranked the sexiest in the world. As a MissTravel press release suggested, perhaps the recent popularity of Irishman Jamie Dornan, star of “50 Shades of Grey” has something to do with it.

  1. Irish – 7,862
  2. Australian – 6,486
  3. Pakistani – 4,761
  4. American – 2,909
  5. English – 2,133
  6. Scottish – 1,554
  7. Italian – 905
  8. Nigerian – 721
  9. Danish – 670
  10. Spanish – 598

What explains the above findings?

Could social media and the Kardashians have something to do with it?

According to a press release by MissTravel.com, “Millions of men and women are seeking a touch of celebrity. Notable exotic personalities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Liam Hemsworth are some of the top-followed accounts across all social media platforms, representing a large population of those who are partial to their striking aesthetic.”

Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of MissTravel.com, commented on the results.

“Year after year, it seems that celebrity icons have subtly influenced MissTravel members’ attractions to various nationalities,” Wade said in a press release. “Armenian women are undoubtedly a beauty obsession in the United States, even if a woman isn’t naturally Armenian – many are coveting of the features that this nationality naturally possess.”

ABOUT MISSTRAVEL.COM: Launched in 2012, MissTravel.com is the world’s first and only travel dating website. Instead of the conventional date, such as the movies or dinner, singles travel to new and exotic destinations together in hopes of finding romance. MissTravel.com was founded by MIT alum and online dating expert, Brandon Wade, and joins an impressive brand family of successful niche dating websites.